The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal

Meetings and Events Rules and Regulations


The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal venue grants MMEink the exclusive privilege to provide event planning and production services throughout the space which includes audio visual, lighting, staging, custom fabrication, décor, floral, entertainment, all rentals, musical entertainment, printing, tenting, and extra entertainment.

1. No Smoking. The BCT is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the BCT and Pier, including the Authorized Space and adjacent Galleries (as defined herein).

2. Maximum Capacity. The number of persons permitted in the Authorized Space at BCT and/or Pier 12, (including exhibitors and Event personnel) is contingent on the type and size of the event. Final exit capacity and/or requirements will be confirmed during the final floor plan review and approved by the appropriate entities.

3. Aprons. There are outdoor aprons at the Pier. Use of the aprons is by request and formal port authority approval. Restrictions and conditions for approval apply.

4. Sleeping, Cribbing, and Lodging. No area of the BCT, including the Pier and Authorized Space, may be used for sleeping, cribbing, or lodging.

5. Portable Generators and Compressors. Portable electric generators and air compressors are not permitted anywhere on the BCT without specific permission from the Licensor.

6. Identification. All persons working for or on behalf of the Licensor, including employees, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, truckers, and exhibitors, must display verifiable identification while working at the BCT.

7. Live Music and Performing Acts. Live musical or performing acts require specific permission of Licensor.

8. Animals and Pets. Animals and pets are strictly prohibited at the BCT without the specific permission of Licensor, with the exception of service animals.

9. Cooking. Cooking is strictly prohibited in all interior areas of the BCT.

10. Hazardous Materials, etc. The following materials and substances may not be brought into the Authorized Space or the BCT at any time: fuel, combustibles, hazardous materials or substances, decorative materials which are not fireproof or flameproof, or any substance or materials prohibited or deemed hazardous by the New York City Fire Department or the United States Coast Guard.

11. Helium Balloons. Helium-filled balloons are not permitted in the Authorized Space unless they are the product displayed. The Licensee will be charged for the cost of removing helium balloons from the ceiling and all overhead areas.

12. Parking. No Licensee shall have the right to park vehicles at the BCT, except in designated parking spaces and upon the payment of the regular charges therefore.

13. Freight Deliveries. The BCT will not accept freight deliveries prior to the earliest Move in Date stated in the License. All freight deliveries shall be made to the attention of the Licensor and received by the Licensor or its representatives at the Pier’ designated dock areas.

14. Alterations and Construction. No alterations, improvements or construction may be made in or to the Authorized Space without the prior written consent of the Licensor. No nails, screws, hooks, tacks or other devices may be driven into any surface in the Authorized Space. No matter may be affixed to any surface using paste, tape or any other adhesive.

15. No Overloads. No Licensee shall overload any floor or surface area in the BCT (see Schedule A for floor loads).

16. Storage. No Licensee may store crates, materials, equipment, or boxes on any level of the Pier without the prior written authorization of the Licensor. Due to more stringent security considerations such authorization will not ordinarily be given.

17. Fire Fighting and Emergency Equipment. No fire fighting and emergency equipment, including fire alarm boxes, fire extinguisher cabinets, and electrical closet doors may be blocked or impeded in any manner.

18. Telephone Equipment. No temporary phone lines or equipment shall be installed without the specific permission of the Licensor. Any permitted lines and equipment must be removed prior to the end of the License Period.

19. Overhead Coverings. The erection of overhead coverings (i.e. tents, canopies, etc.) is strictly prohibited in all areas of the BCT

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